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Sell your diamonds

“Sell your diamonds at Nyfortuna quickly, securely, and professionally”

What can you sell?

At Nyfortuna, we will offer to purchase diamonds of at least 0.50 carats from private persons selling jewellery. Diamond appraisals are performed by our diamond appraiser and exclusively by prior arrangement. As when selling precious metals, you can complete your transaction quickly and efficiently.

If you have one or more diamonds you wish to have appraised or sold, it’s important that the stones be clean and free of dirt. If you also have a certificate, you are encouraged to bring it. Diamonds and precious metals are appraised separately and priced only for the materials, not the design of the jewellery.

NOTE: Diamonds are only purchased as part of precious metal sales. We purchase only white diamonds, not coloured diamonds or other gemstones. Diamonds must be in colour categories D – H and clarity categories IF – SI. A 0.50-carat diamond measures about 5 mm in diameter.

Facts about diamonds

Diamonds are a transparent mineral composed of carbon. Diamonds are the hardest mineral known, and are rated 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. The prices of these gems, typically used in jewellery, are based on the diamond’s weight, cut, colour, and clarity.

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When appraising diamonds, the 4 C’s are used:
colour, and


1 carat equals 0.2 grams. The carat is a unit of weight originally based on the seeds of the carob tree, many years ago. A 0.50-carat diamond measures about 5 mm in diameter; of course, the carat of a stone also depends on its depth. Ultimately, it is a measure of the stone’s weight.


The cut of a diamond is important in terms of how the diamond reflects light. The better the cut, the better the resulting play of light. A brilliant has 57 facets.

The colour of a diamond is important to its price. In somewhat simple terms, we might say that the whiter a diamond is, the higher its price will be. Top Wesselton and Wesselton are the most common and popular colours in Scandinavia.

The clarity of a diamond is determined based on the number of impurities, or inclusions, there are in the diamond, and where they are located. The fewer inclusions there are, the rarer the diamond is. A high number of inclusions is detrimental to how the diamond reflects light, making the stone less attractive.


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