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At Nyfortuna, our position is clear:

When it comes to the environment, going green is golden!

By melting down old gold to be reused, we’re actively making a difference for nature and our fellow human beings.

Extracting gold from gold mines is a difficult, resource-intensive process. This process has colossal consequences for humans and the environment. That’s why reusing gold is an environmentally conscious option.

Typically, for every tonne of material mined, only 1 to 10 grams of gold can be extracted. The gold mining industry also has many lives on its conscience every year.

All the gold Nyfortuna buys will be reused in the jewellery and dental industries, so when you sell your old or damaged gold jewellery to us, we’re doing something good for the environment together.

Back in 2001, when we began buying second-hand gold jewellery, it was naturally a business-oriented decision — but a big part of it was also a wish to give back
and do something good for the environment by supporting the reuse of precious metals.


Today, since gold mining is no longer done exclusively by hand, but using large machines, explosions, and chemicals, gold mining is a major offender in terms of pollution. That’s why selling old gold is such an unquestionably green, environmentally friendly choice for getting rid of jewellery you no longer use.

The old jewellery we buy is melted down and refined; then, the gold is reused to produce new gold jewellery, gold watches, gold teeth, gold coatings, and much more. By reusing second-hand jewellery, we’re also saving the environment.


In a recent study performed by Unilever, more than one third of the 20,000 respondents indicated that they often purchase sustainable, environmentally friendly products when possible. But how can this carry over to the jewellery available on the market? How do we get ethics on the agenda, and how do we help customers find their way to jewellery produced ethically and consciously?

Fair trade gold was launched in 2011 to help millions of people living in poverty. It helps even small mining businesses and independent miners get a fair price for their gold, while also encouraging the use of environmentally friendly extraction methods. Today, you can buy fair trade-marked jewellery when you’re choosing the perfect engagement ring, wedding ring, and so on.

At Nyfortuna, we believe that we absolutely can make use of the earth’s beautiful materials — like gold, diamonds, and gems — without harming our blue planet, if we continue asking questions and simplifying the supply chain, as well as reusing as much precious metal as possible.

Read more about fair trade gold here.

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