Gold bars - fascination and investment

People are buying gold bars like never before!

Interest in gold has skyrocketed in recent years, and gold bars are selling like never before. With a staggering increase of 600%, we’re seeing incredible demand for the bright yellow metal.

We recognise them from old Western films and classic cartoons like Donald Duck, whose uncle Scrooge McDuck swam in them daily. The gold bar, which symbolises wealth and power, simultaneously seems so difficult to obtain that common people rarely see one in real life. But in actual fact, that’s not how it is any more. We’ve gone wild for gold — in 2017, we saw a sixfold increase in gold sales. More ordinary people began taking an interest in this costly precious metal. No longer is it restricted to wealthy investors and Scrooge McDuck.

Gold is a notoriously secure investment; there can be quite a bit of money to be had in this precious metal. Over the last 10 years, gold prices have gone up by 200%, and sales are growing rapidly. As the demand increases for this metal, available only in limited quantities, the price increases, too.

hvad er guld

Buy a gold bar from our online shop and have it delivered to your door

While we have a physical shop in Østerbrogade in Copenhagen, we have seen significant interest in the option of shopping for gold online ever since we opened our online shop in summer 2017. This is due in part to the convenience of ordering from your own living room at home, but it also gives you the opportunity to see the entire assortment of products, so you can choose the exact design you like best.

Gold as a gift

The purchase of gold bars as an alternative to cash gifts for weddings, baptisms, and confirmations is another growing trend. We see people choosing to buy gold bars as a great gift that’s also more visually impressive, compared to cash. Gold bars are fascinating and beautiful, and few have held a real gold bar in their hands before.

Looking to the East and to the Arab world, the prevailing view there has always been that gold is money. Jewellery, coins, and other gold objects are often given as “economic gifts” in these regions, for occasions like weddings, baptisms, and other major events. The idea is to give the recipient financial security for the future. In these contexts, we also often see jewellery that was not designed to be worn. Here at home, this is an area where we see small- and medium-sized gold bars gaining ground.

As an economic gift, gold bars have an advantage over jewellery because less of the price is associated with the labour that goes into crafting the object. Additionally, investment gold is exempt from VAT. Gold bars are sold with a premium, paid to the bar’s issuing producer. For this reason, a significantly higher proportion of the price is the actual value of the precious metal, and this is significant in terms of when your investment may begin to provide real returns.

Physical gold is considered a “safe haven” in investing. When we consider the last decade, the price of gold has increased by more than 200%. Who today wouldn’t wish they had some gold bars lying around from their confirmation, wedding, or even baptism?

Gold bars are available in many sizes and designs, so there’s something to fit anybody’s tastes and gift budget. See also our popular gold coins.


It is commonly thought that gold can be purchased more cheaply abroad, such as while on holiday. However, this has to do not with the price of the gold itself, but the price of the work put into creating the item, plus the mark-up on the item. Gold actually has a global market price, meaning that it is equal everywhere, for everyone. This means that prices on gold bars are much closer around the world when compared to the situation in the jewellery world, where there are significant differences in labour costs across the globe.