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7 tips for selling gold

We've collected 7 great tips for selling gold and silver with Nyfortuna

There are no stupid questions. Our experts are here for you, and they’re happy to share their knowledge.

Ask questions — an honest gold buyer has nothing to hide, and will be happy to involve customers in the process. There are no stupid questions. Our experts are here for you, and they’re happy to share their knowledge. 
Remember that your gold is NEVER worth less per gram based on the amount or means of sale. 

A gold buyer must ALWAYS:

To optimise your transaction, ensure that your gold buyer ALWAYS:

Always pay careful attention 

In 2011-2012, we saw many new, less serious buyers appear on the market. This made it very difficult and confusing for many people to sell their old gold. Today, just a few professional buyers are left, which has made the market easier to navigate. However, you should still pay careful attention during your own transaction. 

At Nyfortuna, we actively strive to make every transaction an honest, transparent one. We will advise you if we believe your gold would be worth more at auction, and our staff are trained in the industry. With specialists in precious metals, diamond grading, auction appraisals, and more, you’re assured a professional appraisal. We’re always available to you during an appraisal to provide professional guidance. We give you sound advice when you want to sell your gold to ensure the best possible sale for you — whether it be with us or with one of our partners in Danish auction houses. 

There are no stupid questions. It’s only stupid not to ask if you have any doubts. We are your professional gold buyer, and we’re looking forward to guiding you in your sale. 

Environment and sustainability

At Nyfortuna, our position on reuse and sustainability is clear.

Who is Nyfortuna

We want you to feel secure when you work with us. We have more than 10 years of experience buying and selling precious metals.


For inheritance and insurance appraisals, where the sole purpose is the appraisal (without an intention to sell), we charge a fee of 350.00 DKK. This fee will be refunded if the objects in question are later sold.

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