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Gold price calculator

Calculate the value of your gold

With the gold price calculator, you can find the cash value of your jewellery before contacting us.

The best prices on the market

In our eyes, our task is first and foremost to ensure that you feel you are in good hands when you want to sell your old gold. That’s why you’ll be there every step of the way as our expert appraisers establish the carat and weight of your gold before giving you the best gold prices.

  • Naturally, we always offer the best gold prices, calculated based on the current daily price of gold on the global market.
  • You can see the global market price in dollars and euro at There, you'll also find graphs that show more about the development of gold prices.
  • Please note that we pay only for the gold content of the jewellery, and not its design.




Day prices per gram:23/09-2020

  • Fine gold (bar): 47.73 EURO
  • Krügerrand: 42.86 EURO
  • 50 Pesos: 40.79 EURO
  • 24 Carat: 44.84 EURO
  • 22 Carat: 39.31 EURO
  • 21.6 Carat: 38.60 EURO
  • 21 Carat: 37.53 EURO
  • 18 Carat: 32.90 EURO
  • 14 Carat: 25.59 EURO
  • 10 Carat: 17.46 EURO
  • 9 Carat: 15.72 EURO
  • 8 Carat: 13.97 EURO
  • Stain silver: 0.00 EURO
  • Silver (830): 0.40 EURO
  • Silver (925): 0.46 EURO
  • Fine silver (bar): 0.51 EURO
  • Platinum (bar): 17.68 EURO
  • Platinum: 16.38 EURO
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