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How we price your gold and silver

We go to great lengths with your gold — anything else would just be cheap

When you sell your gold at Nyfortuna, the precious metal is what we’re concerned with. We pay for the fine gold or silver content in the objects you bring in. In some cases, you may find that we will refer you to our partners in the auction industry if we believe you have a highly sought-after object. While we do not work directly in the auction industry, we work to always understand which items are in high demand, and which could thus be sold for a higher price than that of the material itself.

For this reason, should you have jewellery or other items whose value is greater than that of the material, we will recommend a Danish auction house to you, such as Bruun Rasmussen kunstauktioner or Though this may mean that you ultimately don’t sell the item to us, it is important to us that we give you the best guidance and service possible.

Gold prices follow the world market

As with all other commodities, the prices of gold and silver fluctuate. At Nyfortuna, we follow these movements and always set our prices in line with the current global market prices, both for purchases and sales.

It is commonly thought that gold can be purchased more cheaply abroad, such as while on holiday. However, this has to do not with the price of the gold itself, but the price of the work put into creating the item, plus the mark-up on the item. Gold actually has a global market price, meaning that it is equal everywhere, for everyone. For this reason, gold bar prices will be much closer to the global market price than the prices of jewellery, for instance. There are significant differences in labour costs across the world, as well as from goldsmith to goldsmith — but the price of the material itself remains the same.

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Gold price guarantee

As Denmark's largest, most experienced gold buyer, we offer you the best price guarantee in the industry.

Customer satisfaction

It's important for us that you feel you are treated fairly. We want you to feel appreciated and look forward to coming again.


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If you can’t visit our office in Copenhagen or Aarhus, you can send your gold to us for appraisal.

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