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Price list for services

At Nyfortuna, we offer a broad assortment of services associated with jewellery, precious metals, and diamonds.

Every one of our employees has specialised training from the diamond, gold, and/or auction industries.

If you have questions about our prices, need a combined quote for several of the services below, or are looking for a service not listed here, you’re more than welcome to call or write to us.

Of course, appraisals for gold and silver sales are always free.



Appraisal for precious metal sale
DKK. 0,-
Heirloom appraisals without intent to sell; price per hour*
DKK. 350,-
Jewellery analysis: X-ray assay of fineness, nickel content, etc.**
DKK. 750,-
Diamond appraisal
DKK. 350,-
Diamond certificate, for insurance, Danish
DKK. 750,-
Jewellery certificate, for insurance
DKK. 1.000,-
Precious metal certificate, for insurance
DKK. 750,-
Removal of diamonds and other gems, performed by goldsmith — ask for quote; prices start at 75 DKK
DKK. 75,-
Diamond certificate, for insurance, international (IGI/GIA)
DKK. 1500,-

* Rates paid for heirloom appraisals will be refunded if the objects in question are later sold. Simply bring the appraisal receipt with you when you’re ready to sell.

** This service is for those who would like an analysis without selling, in the case of missing stamps, doubts as to genuineness, etc. X-ray analyses typically take 1 to 2 business days. You will receive a printout describing the content of the analysed material.

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