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Buy and sell silver — silver jewellery, silver coins, silver bars

“Of course, at Nyfortuna, we also offer to buy your silver items”

What can you sell?

We buy all stamped silver in finenesses of 800, 830 (“three towers mark”), and 925 sterling silver. When appraising silver, we’ll review your items, sort them by fineness, and price them based on the weight of the silver.

How payments work

We pay by bank transfer or in cash, by agreement. If you have old silver jewellery lying around that no longer means anything to you, then you may have quite a bit of money hiding from you.

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No matter where you live in the country, it's easy to sell your gold and silver at Nyfortuna. Book a meeting in Copenhagen or Aarhus.

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Nyfortuna makes it easy for you to get your gold appraised without having to visit our office.

Who is Nyfortuna

We want you to feel secure when you work with us. We have more than 10 years of experience buying and selling precious metals.

How we help you

Simple – Transparent – Safe

Book an appointment

Before we can evaluate your values you order time on telephone 72 300 678 or via the email, we are open for personal evaluation every weekday between kl. 9-17. Time booking is required, so we can ensure plenty of time for each assessment.

Meet with our experts

Our experienced assessment experts review the valuables brought with you. Leanness tests are carried out, the precious metal is weighed and valued, and you are with us through the whole process.


When accepting the transaction you must present a valid image ID regarding to Danish legislation, the analyzed and weighed-in result are entered into the payment system and you sign the transaction.

Payment received

You can choose between cash payment or bank transfer. For cash payments, we charge a small fee, while bank transfers are always free. The payment is typed the same day you sell and enter your account within 1-2 business days.


For many years, silver has been one of the most frequently used precious metals for producing valuables like jewellery and cutlery. Jewellery is traditionally made from sterling silver, which consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, typically copper: This alloy is harder than pure silver and melts at a lower temperature than either silver or copper does individually.

However, both jewellery and cutlery come in all finenesses, so it’s not a given that cutlery will be 830 (“three towers”), or that jewellery will be 925 sterling.



In about 700 B.C., coins made of electrum were used in the kingdom of Lydia. Electrum is a naturally occurring alloy of silver, gold, and small quantities of copper and other metals. Only later did we begin to refine silver to use it for coins and expensive jewellery.

Today, the silver standard is a common yardstick for currency values. There are references to it all over the world — the “pound” in the British pound sterling refers to the original value of the coin, which was that of one troy pound of silver.

In the periodic table, silver is represented by the chemical symbol Ag. It has a density of 10.49 g/cm3.



Besides its use in jewellery, cutlery, etc., silver is also used in a broad range of other applications. For example, mirrors for demanding applications are made using silver instead of aluminium. To do so, silver (or occasionally gold) is made to evaporate, such that it can then be deposited in a thin layer on one side of a pane of glass. By using an especially thin layer of metal, it is possible to create “toned” panes that let a small amount of light through, while the rest is reflected as in a “normal” mirror.

The best prices on the market

In our eyes, our task is first and foremost to ensure that you feel you are in good hands when you want to sell your old gold. That’s why you’ll be there every step of the way as our expert appraisers establish the carat and weight of your gold before giving you the best gold prices.

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We offer you the best price guarantee in the industry

Nyfortuna is Denmark’s professional gold buyer. We have more than 10 years of experience buying and selling precious metals.

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