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Nyfortunas terms of business for appraisal of gold received by post.

In accordance with Danish law, you must be at least 18 years of age to sell precious metals and second-hand items.

In accordance with police regulations and Danish law, we are required to log certain information in our register of purchases and sales; for this reason, you must provide identification at the time of your transaction. For this reason, we ask that you upload an image of your driver’s licence or passport as identification.

For the purpose of insuring your shipment, you must also upload an image of the objects you will be sending in for appraisal, and you must indicate the weight of the parcel.

All information will be sent in encrypted form and treated as confidential. It will be used exclusively in connection with your sale of precious metals to Nyfortuna.

By sending in items to be appraised, you accept the following:

  • Nyfortuna will conduct a fineness test, during which small scratches will be made in the gold, to establish the gold content.
  • Nyfortuna will remove stones, pearls, etc. before weighing the gold to make an offer.
  • Nyfortuna will remove glass and mechanisms from watches before weighing the gold to make an offer.
  • If there are pearls or gems in your gold that you wish to retain, you must remove them before sending jewellery to us. You must also remove mechanisms and glass from watches if you wish to retain them.
  • Nyfortuna pays only for the gold content, not for the design of jewellery.
  • What you send in is yours. There is no obligation to sell it to Nyfortuna.
  • We will contact you with an offer no later than 1 to 2 days after receiving the parcel.
  • If you choose to accept Nyfortuna’s offer, we will transfer the money to the account you specified. Depending on the receiving bank, the funds will be available within 2 banking days.
  • By accepting the offer, you waive the right to have the items returned; the gold will be melted down.

Return shipping

If our appraisal does not live up to your expectations, we will be happy to return your items to you by insured shipment, just as you sent them to us.

In this case, you will pay 150 DKK in return shipping costs. The appraisal itself is our service to you.

Return shipping costs are payable to Sydbank. Reg. 6818, Acct. 0001101996 Write “return” and your name in the message for the recipient.

We look forward to receiving the items you wish to have appraised.

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